Critical Edition of Andrés De Li’s Summa De Paciencia (1505)

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The Summa de Paciencia was first published in 1493, in Zaragoza by Pablo Hurus. Reprinted in 1505, it was dedicated to the eldest daughter of Catholic Monarchs, Princess Isabel, following the tragic death of her husband after only six months of marriage, and formed part of the queen’s personal library. The work offers a unique perspective on the role of royal women, as its intended patron is female, somewhat uncommon in medieval times. Li’s Summa de paciencia is manual on the Christian virtue of patience, and is replete with anecdotes, Biblical and Classical references, and heartfelt advice on how to survive turmoil and suffering.The Summa offers to its modern readers a wonderful insight into the fascinating clash of cultures and religions that characterized Spain and its royal family during one of its most fateful decades.


“Her study, the first modern assessment of this late medieval treatise, makes accessible to scholars and other researchers a vital text for the study of devotional and religious literature in early modern Spain. Delbrugge’s edition, moreover, situates Li’s work within the complex web of social and cultural practices that shaped the production of literary texts in this period….. In particular, Delbrugge’s reading of Li in the light of ‘converso experience’ situates this text squarely within the on-going struggles by various writers of this period to negotiate alterity within a Christian dominant society….She has informed her edition with a sound philological framework complemented theoretically based approaches that reveal the dynamic literary and cultural tensions embedded in this early modern text. These new readings of Li’s text will ultimately influence our understanding of the literary-cultural practices of early modern Spain and the negotiation of popular religious texts.” – Isidro J. Rivera

“Delbrugge’s critical edition offers several important contributions and it is a crucial text for those who study Spanish devotional literature in the Renaissance in early modern Spain. The introduction is competently written, very well documented and offers excellent background material that will enhance the understanding of the text….It makes available to scholars and students of Renaissance spirituality an author who has not been a part of the literary canon….the text is competently edited, amply documented and indexed. Delbrugge has preserved the original text, yet it can be read with relative ease. Delbrugge’s critical edition will contribute significantly to Renaissance Spanish religious literature.” – Dr. Angelo Di Salvo

Table of Contents

Table of contents (main headings):
Foreword by Isidro J. Rivera
Part One: The Summa de paciencia
1. Summa de paciencia – Textual History, Zaragoza; Physical Description; Content; Sources
2. Andrés de Li – Works, Li and Pablo Hurus; Li as converso; Li’s depiction of women in the Summa; Princess Isabel and Li’s dedication of the Summa; Transcription Norms employed
Part Two: An Edition of the Summa de paciencia, Zaragoza: Coci (?) 1505
Bibliography; Index

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