Corruption and the Crisis of Institutional Reforms in Africa

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This study contains a rich mixture of analytical ideas and views, and recommends reconstruction of the neo-colonial state as an effective way to deal with this pervasive institution. It examines corruption from a public choice perspective, providing policy-makers with more effective ways to deal with this important development obstacle. Part of the book deals with corruption in colonial Africa (specific emphasis on Nigeria), a neglected area in the literature.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Foreword (Pita Ogaba Agbese)
1. Introduction (John Mukum Mbaku)
2. Corruption as an Important Post-Independence Institution in Africa (John Mukum Mbaku)
3. Bureaucratic and Political Corruption in Africa (John Mukum Mbaku)
4. Cameroon: Jump-Starting an Economy Crisis (Nantang Jua)
5. Limiting Administrative Corruption in Sierra Leone (Sahr John Kpundeh)
6. Corruption in the Nigerian Public Service, 1945-1960 (Toyin Falola)
7. Patriarchy, Patronage, and Power: Corruption in Nigeria (Andrew J. Clarno & Toyin Falola)
8. African and International Corruption: The Strange Case of South Africa and Seychelles (Stephen Ellis)
9. Corruption and the Crisis of Institutional Reforms in Africa (John Mukum Mbaku)
10. Bureaucratic Corruption in Africa: The Futility of Cleanups (John Mukum Mbaku)
11. Assessing the Future of Corruption in Africa: Suggestions for Further Investigation (John Mukum Mbaku)

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