Cornelia Connelly’s Innovations in Female Education, 1846-1864: Revolutionizing the School Curriculum for Girls

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The study demonstrates the processes through which Cornelia Connelly arrived at her educational synthesis and portrays an historical account of her work in education. It traces the development of Connelly’s work in girls’ education and provides an educational-historical framework within which to situate her contribution. This book contains four black and white photographs.


“ . . . Thus the most important contribution of this study must be its placement of such an education - ahead of its time and still worthy of study today – in proper historical context. The dissertation on which this book is based established a plethora of new sources and approaches that have been followed in print. Judith Lancaster, SHCJ, has published the superb Cornelia Connelly and Her Interpreters, in which she makes the point that most, if not all, of Cornelia's biographers portray her in an ahistorical manner with little or no reference to social or political context. This study serves as an excellent remedy to this, offering insights that all interested in the history of Cornelia Connelly's solid education will treasure.” – Dr. Sharon Latchaw Hirsh, President, Rosemont College

“McDougall’s book is thoroughly researched, building upon, complementing and expanding previous studies. She presents the complex details of Cornelia’s story and the educational developments within which it is embedded with consummate skill and clarity.” - Dr. Judith Lancaster, Heythrop College, University of London, England

“[The author] seamlessly attends to the pattern and shape of Cornelia Connelly’s story, including its tensions and contradictions, joys and successes. By so doing, the reader is afforded an occasional glimpse into the soul of a pioneering woman.” – Dr. Gloria Durka, Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education, Fordham University

"In this bicentennial year of Cornelia Connelly's birth in Philadelphia, Sister Roseanne McDougall has produced a masterly work." - Catholic Historical Review

Table of Contents

Foreword by Sharon Latchaw Hirsh, Ph.D., President of Rosemont College
Cornelia Peacock Connelly: 1809-1879: Woman and Educator
1 Beginnings: 1846-1848: Cornelia’s Aims and Early Accomplishments in Derby
2 Expansion, 1849-1855: St. Leonards and Its “Branches”
3 Crystallization: 1856-1862: Roman Catholic Training College and Earlier Works
4 Middle School Education and the Book of the Order of Studies, 1863-1864: Education for Girls of All Classes of Society
5 Cornelia Connelly’s Education for Girls of All Classes of Society: Summary and Implications
Sources Consulted and Select Bibliography

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