Contemporary Afrocentric Scholarship - Toward a Functional Cultural Philosophy

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This study fills the void in serious, balanced analysis of the significance, origins, characteristics, goals and scope of Afrocentric scholarship. It answers the strong need for updated analysis of what Malcolm X, Maulana Karenga, William Cross, Harold Cruse and many others have seen as a cultural crisis among African Americans. The book’s special achievement is in determining how Kawaida, Black Psychology, and Afrocentricity, as systems of knowledge, have continued this cultural analysis and even advanced prescriptions in a culture-nationalist vein. The study will guide scholars and students of African American history and culture through the varied yet consistent contributions of African American culture-nationalist scholarship.


“He is one of the first scholars to call attention to the central role of Kawaida in the creation of consciousness. Without a social or cultural consciousness there would not have been any thrust toward Black psychology or Afrocentricity….He has given us a book that reflects an understanding and appreciation of the optimism that Afrocentrists have brought to the discussion of social and cultural reconstruction….This will be a valuable contribution to our continuing discussion.” – Professor Molefi Kete Asante, Temple University

“Giddings offers a clearly written, logically argued and well-researched contribution to the Afrocentric paradigmatic landscape….extends the existing body of scholarship and outlines Afrocentric consciousness as a social corrective. He extends this analysis by drawing attention to segments of our lived experiences that revisits historical and popular conceptions of African American cultural values and productions….This comprehensive analysis not only offers Afrocentric scholars new ways of thinking but also connects with other progressive movements of liberation scholarship for all.” – Dr. Adam Howard, Colby College

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Preface; Introduction
1. The Charge: Contemporary Culture Corrective Systems; Criticism and Discourse; Conceptual Focus; Afrocentric Research Imperatives
2. Culture Corrective Legacies: Imperatives from the Ancestors; The State of African American Culture
3. Three Culture Corrective Systems: Kawaida (Amiri Baraka; Haki Madhubuti); Black Psychology; Afrocentricity
4. A Functional Cultural Philosophy: Intellectual Vanguard; Defining African American Culture (History as Source for Cultural Identity, Mass-based Cultural Inspiration; Consciousness as Antidote); Challenges to Culture Corrective Philosophy (Accommodating Diversity)
5. Conclusions and Challenges: Recommendations to Culture Corrective Agents (Inviting a United Front); The Way Forward
Bibliography; Index

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