Constructing Heimat in Postwar Germany Longing and Belonging

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This study analyzes the attempts by artists in the Federal Republic of Germany and adjacent regions to reappropriate the notion of "Heimat" from the monopoly of culturally conservative forces. The study examines two areas of cultural activity long associated with "Heimat" ideals, dialect poetry and song.


"It is a highly readable, well-documented, thorough study of ‘Heimat', an important concept in the culture of the German-speaking countries. It provides American readers with the first introduction in English of major German Liedermacher, who, despite their prominence in Germany, have not received much exposure in the United. States." – Jürgen Koppensteiner

"In sum, Christopher J. Wickham's [work] reveals itself as a seminal and major contribution to a most interesting area of German literature and cultural history which has hitherto been vastly neglected, or even ignored, by scholars in the English-speaking community, indeed by non-German scholarship at large." – Dr. Reinhold Grimm, Distinguished Professor of German and Comparative Literature

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:

Preface, Foreword

1.Longing and Belonging: The Problem; The Approach; The Issues; Lexem "Heimat", The Aesthetic Context; the Socio-Political Context

2.Heimat – Reference, Reverence: Spatial Coordinates; Cultural Components; Psychological Reflexes; Received Otherness; The New Coordinates; In Conclusion

3.Heimat in Poetry – Re- Versing the Dialect Tradition: Hebel and Heimat; Heimat between Hebel and Artmann; Hans Carl Artmann – med ana schwoazzn dintn; Instruments of Innovation; Fitzgerald Kusz – Literary Emancipation and the City as Heimat; Oswald Andrae – Heimat and Civil Rights; André Weckmanm – Heimat and Cultural Emancipation; Harald Grill – Heimat and Ecology; Felix Hoerburger – Heimat and Fantasy; In Conclusion

4.Heimat and Liedermacher – Of Ratcatchers and Homemakers: Liedermacher in Postwar Germany; Franz Josef Degenhardt – Small Town, Awaken; Dieter Süverkrüp – Socialist Heimat; Hannes Wader – Revenge of the Outsider; Walter Moßmann – Songs, Region, Process; Konstantin Wecker – The Individual and Heimat Bavaria; Biermösl Blosn – Trojan Horse or "Schimmelwirt"

Bibliography, Index

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