Conjugal Relationships of African and African Americans: A Socio- Cultural Analysis

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Investigates whether racial and historical connections assist in the success of African and African-American relationships, or if cultural and patriarchal differences threaten the success of these relationships. The research centers on establishing the success and failure rates of these relationships, and the extent to which racial and educational homogeneity, strong family and head-of-household characteristics on the part of African males and matrilineal and cultural descent attributes demonstrated on the part of Black females is at the core of the attraction.


“Dr. Kabengele writes about both the social-cultural and the normative personal dynamics of these intercultural relationships: their challenges and their commonalities; the conflicting and the unifying forces that make them work or tear them apart…Kabengele offers some insights and solutions for decreasing cultural differences that hinder successful African and African American relationships…”
-Dr. Kenneth Ghee,
University of Cincinnati

“This work contributes to a better understanding of the complexities of African and African American conjugal relationships…The work is well documented and provides some possible ways to improve these relationships or explain their failure…it contributes to the dialogue between Africans and African Americans and their attempt to respect and work through their differences.”
-Boikai S. Twe, Ed.D.,
Sinclair Community College

Table of Contents

Foreword by Kenneth Ghee
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Culture: The Socio-cultural perspective

Historical progression
Cultural Effects
Cultural Attributes
Culture and the Effect of the Dominant Group on Out-Group Members
Lack of Acknowledgment of Cultural Differences Breed Indifference
Chapter 3: Africa, Africans and African Americans
Africa the Continent
Africa and its Languages
Colonialism and its Effect on Africans Strangers in a Strange land
Slavery and its Effect on African Americans
Experiencing Cognitive Dissonance
Chapter 4: The Family
Endogamous & Exogamous Relationships Issues of Descent
The African American Family and the Black Male as Head of Household
The Legacy of the Black family in America
The Black Male Incarceration Epidemic
The Black Female
The Black Super Woman
The African Family and the African Man as Head of Household
African Males Views of African American Women
Matriarchy vs. Patriarchy
Chapter 5: How, Where and Why the Relationships Begin
Mate Selection
The Effects of Class Difference
Identity Challenges
African American Women as Minorities
Relatives and Friends
The Children of Intercultural Couples
An African Traditional Wedding
Chapter 6: Languages and Cultural Differences (Bridging the Gap)
African Languages and Dialects
English Speakers, or Not
Language Issues
Chapter 7: The Immigration Issue
Green Cards
Deterrence Prevention
Chapter 8: The Value of Education
Chapter 9: Delimitations
Disclaimer: Acknowledgment and Omission of Psychodynamic Theories of Personality and Core Personality Traits
Chapter 10: Conclusion
Overcoming Trading the Dozens / Ethnocentrism and Making it Work
Identity Disorientation
The Future

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