Confederation Congress and the Creation of the American Trans-Appalachian Settlement Policy 1783-1787

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In 1783, immediately following the Revolutionary War, thousands of American pioneers began to settle the Trans-Appalachian West. Between 1783 and 1787, the Confederation Congress passed numerous laws to govern certain activities. This study of the creation of the first American western policy forms a microcosm through which to view the ongoing course of the American Revolution.


" ... Dr. Allen has given us one of the most perceptive syntheses of America’s 1780s, a period every bit as revolutionary as the decade preceding it, that has ever been written ..."
Dwight L. Smith, Professor Emeritus, Miami University and Ray Swick, Historian, West Virginia State Parks

Table of Contents

List of Charts, Illustrations, and Maps
Preface by Dwight Smith and Ray Swick
1. Beyond the Endless Mountains
2. Creation of the National Domain: The Virginia Cessation and the Ordinance of 1784
3. Indian Policy
4. Land Policy and Sales
5. The Jay-Gardoqui Negotiations and Mississippi River Debate
6. The Northwest Ordinance of 1787
7. The Reluctant Expansionists
Epilog: The Federalists and the West, 1789-1803

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