Conditions of Psychiatric Interest in Early Human History: Homonids, Neanderthals, and Family Level Societies (Book 1) & Tribes and Village-Level Societies (Book 2)

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This is a truly groundbreaking work that exemplifies cutting edge scholarship. It shows that there were conditions of psychiatric interest in pre-historical societies. Did some cavemen experience something that we today would call psychiatric conditions? Can these disturbances grow out of mystical experiences that one would call otherworldly, or interpersonal circumstances? Would this apply to situations where these do not exist in any way that would be recognizable by contemporary standards?


“This is an important two volume work that sets out the necessity for a new language to address the vicissitudes of the human condition.”
Prof. Peter K. Manning,
Northeastern University

“In a time when psychiatry is seen as a biomedical discipline, this new book sets out to conceptualize ‘conditions of psychiatric interest’ in a framework that is freed of ethnocentric biases and stigmas that have prevailed in the international, Western-oriented landscape of psychiatry.”
Prof. Martin Brüne,

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