Concordance to the Poems of Christopher Okigbo (with the Complete Text of the Poems, 1957-1967)

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This work is designed to offer readers and scholars of Christopher Okigbo's poetry complete and convenient access to the text of Okigbo's poems in all their significant versions while also providing a reliable tool for tracking the poet's words and phrases, examining his revisions, and understanding his style and vocabulary -- all in a single volume.


"The publication of this concordance promises to bring new vigor to the study of Christopher Okigbo's poetry. . . . Indeed, the cardinal virtue of Prof. Echeruo's Concordance is that it urges us to make that further effort in unraveling the intricate web of Okigbo's poetry. For this Concordance . . . one more proof of [the author's] distinguished and pathfinding record in scholarly research, we should once again be grateful." – Isidore Okpewho, Ph.D. (Denver), D. Lit. (London), State University Distinguished Professor of the Humanities, Binghamton University

"By putting all the poems, as it were, under one roof, the compilation makes the work of evaluating Okigbo's poetry in totality that much easier. Individual poems that had long fallen through the cracks of time and memory are now brought to life and can be looked at in easy juxtaposition with the most current editions of Okigbo's poems. For this yeoman's service, both the common reader and the professional critic should be much indebted to Dr. Echeruo's Okigbo Concordance. All in all, this is a ground-breaking work of literary scholarship. I recommend it highly." - Emmanuel N. Obiechina, Ph.D., FNAL W.E.B.Du Bois Non-Resident Fellow Harvard University

Table of Contents

Dedication Foreword Acknowledgements Illustrations
Part I: The Concordance
Part II: The Complete Poems
A1 Heavensgate 1962
B1-5 Versions of “Limits” and “Silences”
C1-10 Collected Poems
D1 Lament of the Deer
Index of Proper Names and Special Terms

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