Comprehensive Study of Romanian Art Song Vol. 1

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This massive four-volume work is an overview of the development of the art song in Romania. Interviews were conducted with composers or their surviving family members. Includes songs of each composer. It will be a valuable resource for professional singers, voice teachers, students, pianists, musicologists interested in art song, and scholars of Eastern European cultures.


“Boire has cornered the market on Romanian art song….Boire’s focus on song composition and the wealth of personal insight – which springs from her knowledge of the language, meeting many of the composers, singing their songs, and examining available scores – earn her pride of place as ‘expert.’ Only here can one find discussion of individual songs and their texts. Music lovers other than just aficionados of song will do well to know about this resource. New Grove lists almost no articles in English about the majority of these composers…. Singers everywhere will want to know everything they can about his previously unavailable literature. Schools with graduate programs in voice would do well to invest in Boire’s opus.” - CHOICE

“. . . will likely stand as the definitive English language resource on this genre. Dr. Boire, a specialist in art song history, has put her expertise to good use in this interesting study. Written with insight, charm and theoretical acumen, this book outlines all the major composers from 1930 to the present and specifically analyzes the major vocal works of each composer. . . . unfolds for the reader an amazing chronology of historical events complete with the impact government constraints made on the composers. Numerous musical excerpts from the various works illuminate the author’s theoretical analysis. Translations of the songs and her guide to pronunciation further enhance this book and open a world of important repertoire to the reader.” – Katherine Eberle

Table of Contents

Table of contents (headings)
1. The Distillation of a Style: Origins and Influences on the Development of Romanian Art Song (Historical Overview; Literary Influences; Miorita and Dor; Romanian Folk Music and Folk Poetry; Byzantine Liturgical Music and the Romante; Romanian Art Song of the 19th Century)
2. Icon of Romanian Music: George Enescu
3. Impregnating a Genre: Mihail Jora
4. Flag-Bearer: Mansi Barberis
5. Confluences of a Style: Martian Negrea; Paul Constantinescu; Zeno Vancea; Achim Stoia
6. The Diplomat: Tudor Ciortea
7. The Cluj School: Sigismund Toduta; Max Eisikovits; Gabor Jodal; Tudor Jarda; Vasile Herman; Cornel Taranu; Eduard Terenyi; Erwin Junger; Dan Voiculescu; Valentin Timaru
8. Masters of the Keyboard: Rodica Soutzu; Hilda Jerea; Dinu Lipatti
9. In the Shadows: Emil Lerescu; Elise Popovici
10. Guardian of the Grail: Carmen Petra-Basacopol
11. Trail Blazers: Pascal Bentoiu; Anatol Vieru; Adrian Ratiu
12. Zenith of the Genre: Felicia Donceanu
13. Divergence in Bucharest: Doru Popovici; Miriam Marbé
14. At the Crossroads: Nicolae Brindus; Vasile Spatarelu; Dan Buciu; Nicolae Coman; Smaranda Oteanu
15. New Directions and Current Trends: Serban Nichifor; Tudor Dumitrescu; Valentin Petculescu; Liana Alexandra-Moraru; Adrian Iorgulescu; Christian Alexandru Petrescu; Adrian Pop; Violeta Dinescu
16. Guide to Romanian Pronunciation
Bibliography; Index
[Studies in History & Interpretation of Music No. 85a-d]

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