Complete Narratives of Francophone Caribbean Tales

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This new anthology of Francophone Caribbean tales fills an important pedagogical gap. It offers readings outside the well-worn canon and, unlike any other Francophone collection currently on the market, replaces extracts with complete narratives. The selections provide a rich variety of stories from all the French-speaking regions of the Caribbean, including Guadeloupe, Guiana, Haiti, and Martinique, by both male and female authors, touching upon a wide spectrum of themes. Each text is preceded by a short biographical sketch and followed by suggestions for classroom discussion. Unusual vocabulary is explained on the pages of the text for easy reference. Finally, a general introduction helps the student unacquainted with Caribbean literature to situate these tales in their proper historical and cultural settings.

Table of Contents

Texts: L'inspecteur d'apparences (Stephen Alexis); Le Chat jaune (C. & M. Carbet); La Châtaigne et le fruit de pain (Maryse Condé); Sur un Air de guitare, Bombances, and Les Trois Frères ( Léon Damas); Un Retour à Jacmel (René Depestre); Servitudes de Noel and Noel à Masselas (Michèle Lacrosil); Veillée (Magloir-Saint Aude); Préface à la vie d'un bureaucrate (Jacques Roumain); Un Bon Fils and Le Long du Pilibo (Raphael Tardon); and Laghia de la Mort and Mapiam (Joseph Zobel).

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