Complete Concordance to Gottfried Von Strassburg's Tristan

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Provides complete and systematic access to its language. Based on the Ranke edition, the concordance sets principal forms in generous context (about two and a half verses), in order of text occurrence. High frequency and function forms are given in single-verse context, in the alphabetical order of their following words, a system that discloses patterns and associations that would otherwise be lost in sheer numbers. A reverse-sort index is included for morphological study, as are a name list (including variant spellings), a ranking word-frequency list and cross references to compound words. Oversize.


". . . a thoroughly welcome companion to H[all]'s recent Parzival concordance. . . . To restrict the work to a single manageable volume some high frequency and function words appear in a single-verse concordance, where the sorting against the neighbouring word to the right reveals much of interest for G's rhetorical usage." - The Year's Work in Modern Language Studies

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