Complete Book of Management

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Table of Contents

This text is an introduction to management thought and practice, written for first-year college students. In addition to the standard subjects, it includes a study of Japanese management, crisis management, and the management of non-profit institutions.
Table of Contents: 1. Introduction - The Nature of Management; 2. History of Management Thought; 3. Planning; 4. Strategic Planning; 5. Decision Making; 6. Organization; 7. Management of Change; 8. Staffing; 9. Leading; 10. Motivation; 11. Communication; 12. Control; 13. Techniques of Control; 14. Managing Not-for-Profit Organizations; 15. Comparative Management; 16. Multinational Management; 17. Small Business Management - Entrepreneurship; 18. Managerial Economics; 19. Managing the Environment; 20. Management Under Adversity; 21, Planning

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