Compilation and Analysis of the 1998 Texas Constitution and the Original 1876 Text

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This compilation serves as a major resource for faculty and students interested in the development of the Texas Constitution. Unlike the 'Living' United States Constitution which is short, general, and elastic, and can change through interpretation, the Texas Constitution today is a long, detailed, and restrictive document that can only change through formal amendments. Its 377 amendments to the 1876 document are placed in the body of the text and replace text made obsolete by the amendments. The reader of the current version thus sees only the updated text and not the deleted passages. This book presents a compiled version in different fonts so that the reader can compare the original to the current version. The introduction analyzes present-day conclusions about the Texas Constitution.


"This comparison provides valuable information and insights for historians, political scientists, government leaders, and others. That no one thought until now to produce such a comparison has been a major oversight." - Harriett D. Joseph

"Angell begins by placing the Texas constitution in historical context through a discussion of previous constitutions, including Mexican and Republican formulations. . . . Point by point Angell provides an effective and convincing refutation of the assertions by authors of standard Texas government texts concerning limitations of the original 1876 Constitution. He supports his arguments with perceptive analysis and pertinent quotations from the delegates to the constitutional convention on issues ranging from education to legislators' salaries. . . . by use of differing font styles, facilitates realization of the distinctions between the two versions. This presentation dramatically demonstrates the increased length resulting from the amendments. Roger Angell's presentation constitutes a substantial, if unanticipated, contribution to the comprehension of the structure of the government of Texas." - Anthony K. Knopp

Table of Contents


Foreword, Preface, Introduction

Full Text of Current Texas Constitution and the Constitution of 1876: Preamble; Bill of Rights; Powers of the Government; Legislative Department; Executive Department; Judicial Department; Suffrage; Education - The Public Free Schools; Taxation and Revenue; Counties; Railroads; Municipal Corporations; Private Corporations; Spanish and Mexican Land Titles; Public Lands and Land Office; Impeachment; General Provisions; Mode of Amending the Constitution of This State

Notes, Bibliography, Index

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