Clasificación y Análisis de Prestamos del Ingles en la Prensa de España y Mexico

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This volume investigates the influence of modern English on the lexicon of the press of Mexico and Spain. A classification and comparative study of all the English loanwords found in the written Spanish of the Mexican and Peninsular press has been carried out, as well as an analysis of the morpho-orthographic adaptation of the same loanwords in both linguistic varieties. The newspapers used were El País, Madrid, and El Universal, México Distrito Federal. In Spanish.


". . . a true contribution to two distinct areas in Spanish linguistics: the history of the Spanish language and the study of English-Spanish language contact. . . . One very positive aspect of Dr. Sánchez's work is her taking into consideration that with regard to the influence of English, the history of language in Mexico is not the same as the history of the language in Spain, not only because the neighboring English-speaking country is not the same (for Spain it is Britain and for Mexico it is the United States) but because the cultural assumptions are different in the two countries, and this documented in the interesting differences that she found in her work. . . . The data have been carefully chosen and exemplarily classified, and the analysis, based firmly on the empirical facts, is quite revealing. I believe that students of Spanish-English bilingualism will benefit from her excellent survey of language contact phenomena. . . . The study is a model of conciseness and clarity and the linguistic phenomena under study are described in a concrete and vivid way.. . . . accessible to nonlinguists." -- Dr. Jorge Guitart

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