Circularity and Visions of the New World in William Faulkner, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Osman Lins

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This study presents a thought-provoking textual and ideological analysis of circularity in Absolom Absolom! by Faulkner, One Hundred Years of Solitude by Garcia Marquez, and Avalovara by Lins. Adopting a transcultural comparative perspective on the study of the American continent, this book offers its readers a unique opportunity to evaluate the concept and experience of America.


"Among the impressive qualities of Dr. Simas' manuscript are the breadth of her interests and competence, embracing North American, Spanish American, and Brazilian literatures and the scholarship on both individual authors and the larger cultural and historical contexts; the clarity and concision of her writing, which is refreshingly lucid and free of jargon; and her exceptional combination of interest in large theoretical questions and narrative patterns with close attention to the details of careful and sensitive textual analysis. These are rare and valuable qualities individually, but in combination they are truly extraordinary." -- Robert M. Torrance

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