Churchmanship and Education Reform in Victorian Britain: The Case of A.J. Beresford Hope

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The subject of this book is Alexander James Beresford Hope (1820-1887), a staunch Anglican of High Church proclivities, very wealthy, a champion of the Gothic revival and member of several cultural and learned societies, a writer, collector, philanthropist, patron of the arts, and a respected if somewhat idiosyncratic force in the Conservative Party. Hope’s ideas and activity offer useful and even unrivaled insights into the educational agencies of the Church and the manner in which they were described and defended.


"In Victorian Britain, huge importance was attached to education at all levels. Education was such a contentious political issue because of its religious dimension. It is the premise of the following study that religion cannot be neglected in pursuit of a fuller understanding of education reform in Victorian Britain."

Table of Contents


Chapter One: Elementary Education

Schools to Fit British society
"Religion is the only true basis"
Meeting new challenges

Chapter Two: Secondary Education

General principles
Parliamentary battles
The Woodard Schools

Chapter Three: The Universities

Promoting higher education
Religious tests
Finances, administration, teaching and research




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