Christology of Wolfhart Pannenberg Identity and Relevance

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This study contributes to the debate on Wolfhart Pannenberg's Christology and Doctrine of the Trinity by interpreting Pannenberg through the basic patristic categories of Life and Death. Rise is the first to apply the patristic Life-Death paradigm as a key to Pannenberg's Christology. The study examines Christology in the early Church, the identity of God, the identity of Jesus, the human identity.


". . . provides the most detailed discussion of Pannenberg's Christology yet available in English. It is a careful piece of scholarship, primarily expository, which is particularly helpful in emphasizing Pannenberg's relation to patristic thought." - Choice

". . . a first-rate, well-researched, thoroughly-documented contribution both to the topic of Christology and to the study of Pannenberg. A particularly helpful aspect of it is Rise's linking of his Christological concerns to those of the Patristic theologians, who did not think of God and the world or history apart from each other. . . . The issues are addressed in all their complexity - this is not a book for beginners - but at the same time lucidly and with clearly-stated arguments. Rise navigates well between his analytical description of Pannenberg's positions, numerous informative footnotes, and his own systematic argument, with the result that the reader is learning several things at once. . . . Rise writes with the wisdom and maturity of a theologian in mid-career . . . This is an important work: one of the very best I have ever seen on Pannenberg's theology and at the same time a worthwhile contribution to the field of Christology." - Dialog

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