Christian Ashrams a New Religious Movement in Contemporary India

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Focuses on the emergence and development of the Christian ashram (ashram: "a spontaneous community of seekers or disciples gathered around a spiritual leader, called a guru, who points a way toward salvation"). Classifies Christian ashrams as a new religious movement that seeks to amalgamate elements of traditional Christianity and traditional Hinduism in contemporary Indian society.


"This refreshing study of the emergence and development of the modern Christian ashram movement in India is based on well-documented research into the specific religious and social conditions of modern India." - Studies in Religion/Sciences Religieuses ". . . a readable summary of the Christian ashram movement in India [and] a clear picture of the efforts of some Christian missionaries to express the gospel through the medium of an important aspect of Hindu religious culture. . . . [S]he gives valuable insight into what has inspired this movement [and] explains well the basic terminology needed to understand the nature of this religious life style . . . . [A] useful guide with much helpful information . . . ." - Missiology

"This primarily sociological (secondarily historical) study of India-based Christian ashrams is at once well researched, comprehensive, clear, and concise." - Choice "[Her] work provides valuable insights into a fascinating and growing movement in India." - Canadian Catholic Review "It would . . . be a shame if students of Indian Christianity did not have the opportunity of consulting this material in their libraries." - Contemporary Sociology

"This is an extremely competent and readable account by a professional sociologist of the origin and development of the Christian ashram movement in India. It is a useful addition to the literature on the subject . . . ." - Anthropos ". . . the author is informative and makes some intriguing distinctions between the paths taken by Protestant and Catholic/Syrian ashrams. Moreover, she establishes an historical context in which individual ashrams can be placed, something that will expand the range of future studies." - The Canadian Catholic Review

"Ralston's study enriches our understanding of the interaction between Hinduism and Christianity in contemporary India and of the continuing search for indigenous forms of expression within the Christian tradition." - Journal of Ecumenical Studies

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