Childhood's Fires and Rivers

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Contains the Hackney Literary Award-winning poem, "Racing the Wind" (Third Place).


"She vividly describes . . . memories, both good and bad, that evoke emotions common to the human experience. Some of the poems, I immediately understood the meaning; others, I had to read over a few times and concentrate deeply. . . . A few of the poems are humorous. . . . Other poems convey a degree of anger and bitterness at the seeming unfairness of life's circumstances, as perceived by a child. . . . I think that the words 'charming', 'fascinating', and 'enlightening' could all be used to describe Childhood's Fires and Rivers." - Ashton Hester in the Keowee Courier

". . . the childhood experiences of the author transcend the travesties of life, to capture a joy for appreciating the essence of people, the elegance of nature and the art of being. . . " - Joyce Burick-Swarzman

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