Charlotte Yonge (1823-1901), Novelist of the Oxford Movement a Literature of Victorian Culture and Society

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In her time Charlotte Yonge (whose publications from first to last span the precise years of Victoria's reign) was as popular as Dickens. Her novels reflect her close involvement with John Keble, inaugurator of the Movement, and record every stage and detail of the Movement throughout the century at parish level, and how it was received by the middle-classes in a rapidly-changing society. In the light of new biographical discoveries, published and unpublished letters, non-fiction material such as her articles in the Monthly Packet, and consequent re-reading of Charlotte Yonge's novels, this study reveals the pervasiveness of the Oxford Movement in society.


"Detailing the work of the Oxford Movement on Yonge's novels, this work is useful as an introduction to the too-often-ignored literary aspect of the Oxford Movement. Its extensive plot summaries are helpful for the person who wishes to do more research in this area, while the reader who knows little of the Oxford Movement will be guided by the informative footnotes that detail important events of the era, such as the Hampden controversy. . . . This biography offers a useful survey of the work of Charlotte Yonge and will be welcomed by those who seek an introduction to the literary aspect of the Oxford Movement." -- Victorian Studies

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