Charles Hodge's Critique of Darwinism

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A study that achieves special relevance because of the controversy lately reintroduced into public consciousness by the scientific creationists. Corrects the record regarding the actual nature of Hodge's response.


"Wells is concerned neither to praise nor condemn Hodge but to identify the critical theological arguments by which he confronted Darwinian notions of evolution ... Wells' writing style of elegant simplicity, depth, and clarity makes this volume a joy to read, in addition to being probably the definitive study of Hodge. Highly recommended." - Religious Studies Review

" ... tells us something about the theological response [to Darwinism], and Wells' study is thus valuable in this respect." - Annals of Science

"Wells' strength lies in his analytic overview of Hodge and Darwinism ... There is much to be learned [here] about how Reformed thinkers have historically dealt with potential onslaughts from science. And there is more than history. One quickly discovers that the same underlying issues are with us today." - The Westminster Theological Journal

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