Changing Brain Structure Through Cross-Cultural Learning. The Life of Reuven Feuerstein

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This narrative biography is unique in that it is written in the postpositive style. The story of Reuven Feuerstein, who encouraged the paradigm shift from developmental and behaviorism to cognitive psychology during the twentieth century, is told in his words, those of his family, colleagues, and former students. This book contains twenty-four black and white photographs and ten color photographs.


“This biography provides a very intimate glimpse into the world of [an] extraordinary human being. It fosters a personal understanding of the heart and soul of a great man of faith and vision. It will inspire both those who are familiar with Reuven Feuerstein and those who are meeting him for the first time.” - Monsignor James E. Gilg, Superintendent of Schools, Archdiocese of Omaha, Nebraska

“ . . .a significant narrative biography of a man who has changed how parents, educators, and the public view the “at risk” child, leading them to abandon their acceptance of disability for a positive and optimistic commitment that children can change. . . . She makes clear the marriage of ideas, dreams, religion, and psychology in the formulation of Feuerstein’s body of philosophy and work.” – Shannon Almquist, Advanced International Trainer in Feuerstein Educational Materials

Table of Contents

Foreword by Monsignor James E. Gilg
1. Introduction
2. Foundations
3. (1920-1938) – Bucharest
4. (1944-1949) – Eritz
5. (1949-1954) – Europe and Morocco
6. (1954-1970) – Grounded Theory Applied
7. (1971-1986) – Enabling a Paradigm Shift
8. (1986-2007) – Leaping Over Modernity
Selected Bibliography
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Other Documents

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