Case Study of Genocide in the Ukrainian Famine of 1921-1923

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Examines the discriminatory ways of combating famine in two different areas: in the Volga Valley of Russia and in the south-eastern Ukrainian provinces. Since Russia and Ukraine were governed by Moscow’s War Communism economic policy, every province had an assignment contingent of grain to deliver to the state, and to the Volga Valley, but not to the starving Ukrainian provinces. During the Ukrainian famine of 1921 to 1923, it is estimated that 2 to 2.5 million people starved to death. This book contains 6 black and white photographs.


“Although there was no historian to document the [Ukrainian] famine of 1921-1923, beginning in 1972, exactly 50 years after the tragedy, Dr. Wasyl Veryha, a historian and librarian of the University of Toronto, began his mission to delve into the many unanswered questions. After a quarter of a century of research, Dr. Veryha has produced what seems to be a pioneer work. Indeed, this famine is virtually unknown compared to the Holodomor of 1932-1933, especially among the two younger generations of the Ukrainian population. ... I have to acknowledge that this is an exceptional documentary work about the famine in Ukraine in 1921-1923, which also coincided with the famine in Russia’s Volga region. Dr. Wasyl Veryha rightly indicates that Moscow was more interested in relief to the Volga Valley than to Ukraine. ... In view of the collected documentary material about this lesser known famine, as well as the methodical description of the relief organization and extensive bibliography, I believe Dr. Veryha’s work should become the manual of the famine in Ukraine of 1921-1923.” - Dr. Valerian Revutsky, Professor Emeritus, Department of Slavic Studies, University of British Columbia

“Fortunately for the academic community, the important but comparatively neglected subject of the famine in Ukraine of 1921-1923 has attracted the attention of a reputable and conscientious scholar of Dr. Wasyl Veryha’s calibre. Considering the interest both scholars and the general public have focused on the great famine of 1932-1933 and not the lesser known of 1921-1923, he has painstakingly collected, evaluated and organized a vast amount of information concerning this critical period. ... Throughout the book ... Dr. Veryha displays his competent scholarship and keen critical judgment.” - Dr. Bohdan Budurowycz, Professor Emeritus, Department of Slavic Studies, University of Toronto

"This book is an essential resource on the history of Ukraine, the Soviet Union and Europe in the early 2oth century."Forum, Fall-Winter 2007

Table of Contents

Foreword by Professor V. Revutsky
1 War Communism in Action
2 Volga Valley Crisis and Society
3 The All-Russian Relief Committee
4 Soviet Government’s Countermeasures
5 The American Relief Administration
6 The Nansen Mission
7 The Situation in Ukraine
8 Crimea
9 Confiscation of Church Treasures
10 The ARA Visits Ukraine
11 Medical Assistance
12 A False 1923 Forecast
13 Famine and Ukrainians Abroad
14 The People, Soviet Authorities and the ARA
15 The Human Losses of the Famine
16 What Does Soviet History Say

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