Caesarea Maritima the Pottery and Dating of Vault I: Horreum, Mithraeum, and Later Uses

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A report based largely on ceramic materials recovered from Vault I during the Joint Expedition to Caesarea Maritima, which began in 1971. By Jeffrey Blakeley, with contributions by Marvin E. Bennett, Robert J. Bennett, Robert Brinkmann, Robert J. Bull, Glenn Hartelius, and Peter Lampinen. Oversize edition.


"A major interest in this study is the attempt to go beyond simple `parallel-seeking' for ceramics. The authors follow the lead of archaeologists working on Roman-period amphorae elsewhere in the Mediterranean world, for example at Carthage, Ostia, and Berenice, in understanding the importance of identification and source of wares, contents of vessels, and their implications for economy, society, and history. This approach, though still rare in the Levant, is gradually being taken up by archaeologists working in all periods. Even outside Caesarea Maritima, many would agree that chronology is not enough, and that ceramics hold the potential for writing economic history." - Piotr Bienkowski, in Levant

". . . a welcome addition to the meager but growing corpus of publications on the ceramics from this important Levantine port." American Journal of Archaeology

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