Cabin in a Field

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Poems of humans in nature, a Nature that demands labor, loss, desperation, life itself. The poems abound with a wry awareness of human society.


“Mark Wagner reaches for words to jar the mind into a new awareness of all that is discordant in our various worlds. At the same time his words seek to connect disparate images to yield some sense that both consoles and energizes. He is not afraid to cut deeply below the surface of the everyday although what he reveals can be frightening. Often its stark nature is tempered by humor, however, language of comedy that eases the tension while preserving the truth. Indeed, the diversity of language and form in this collection of poems, as well as originality of content, continually sustains interest.” – Karen S. Tipper

“Mark Wagner’s moving autobiographical meditations on the work of claiming a full human life are full of compassion and energy. Much living has given rise to this language, and its honest imagery of seeds, falling water, fog and rain that can blind and lead to liberation, a sleeping child, winter fruits, birds with holy secrets. . . . These wise, evocative poems are a record of humanity won.” – Emily Hiestand

“I love Mark’s love of ‘kindred imperfections,’ and ‘things sloppily glued to time.’ His poems however are something else; I call them Kindred Perfections, and O so skillfully joined to time!” – Dan Berrigan

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