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The study addresses the post-Christian philosophy of history which is rooted in the 18th century, and whose anthropological assumptions now inform the college textbooks in world history. It develops some insights drawn from biblical theology which contribute to a Christian understanding of history. The argument of the book will engage scholars in philosophy of history, biblical theology, and historical theology. It will find a place in contemporary academic discussion about meaning in history in the post-Modernist age.


“Straightaway it should be said that it is rare to find a professional historian who is willing and able to engage in the talk of theological integration. A senior historian at a prestigious Canadian University, Prof. Merkley is one of very few persons qualified to engage in this important project of integration. The project itself is almost breath-taking in its daring: to offer interpretation of world history that discloses its universal meaning. Such universal interpretations of history were once an accepted genre, but since the Enlightenment they have atrophied to the point of extinction. . . . Prof. Merkley. . . seeks to discern within the advance of world history a pattern culminating in God'’ eschatological purpose. The originality and boldness of this proposal, coming from an eminent historian, should not be underestimated.” – William Lane Craig

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
1. World History: Textbooks Considerations; The tradition
2. The Legacy of Abram: ‘The Lord said to Abram’; The Efficiency of Our Theory of History; ‘The Fraudulent Universality of Christian Histories’; The Seed of Abram
3. What Jesus Taught About Himself and About History: Who He Is; His Perspective on Time; The Sign of the Times; Nature and History; ‘Before Abraham Was, I AM’; A Sign for Falling and Rising
4. The Scandal of End Times: The Pornography of Faith; ‘Ratlos vor der Apokalyptic’; The Politics of Kingdom Theology; The Case of Isaac Newton – ‘Shady Lucubrations’ at the Dawn of Modern Science
5. Knowledge from the First Show: Jesus and the Prophets; A Matter of Tenses; Knowing the Whole Content of Time; Frameworks of Prophecy; Jesus’ teaching about Daniel
6. The Restoration of Israel: Israel’s Re-appearance in the Company of Nations; The Meaning of the Restoration of Israel
7. Beyond Chaos: A Calm Look at How It All Ends: The Triumph of Chaos; A Look at Atheistic Eschatology; The Green Tree and the Dry; A Hopeful Philosophy of History
Bibliography; Index

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