Brazil and the Discovery of America. Narrative, History, Fiction 1492-1992

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These essays are specifically devoted to the Brazilian dimension of quincentenary speculations - interdisciplinary studies in historical, political, cultural, literary, and linguistic perspectives

Table of Contents

Contents: Introduction: Violent Hierarchies and Reconstructions (Bernard McGuirk)
"Nudity versus Royal Robe": Signs in Rotation from (In)Culture to (In) Translation in Latin America (Else Ribeiro Pires Vieira)
Brazilian Independence and Nation Building (Rodrigo P Sá Motta)
Models of Representative Democracy in Brazilian Political Thought (Adriano Sérgio Lopes da Gama Cerqueira)
The Iberian Model of Political Organization in the Colonial Context (Andrea Lisly Gonçalves)
Woman and the New Brazilian Constitution (Florisa Verucci)
The Redemption of the Poor Speaker (Maria Magdalena Lana Gastelois)
Gonzaga or the Reverse of Fanfarrão: The Power of Language and the Language of Power (Luiz Carlos Villalta)
The Other America: Images of Brazil in Elizabeth Bishop and P K Page (Regina Przybycien)
Old Words and Ages: Voices of Africa (Laura Cavalcante Padilha)
Gestures of Memory: Transplanting Black African Networks (Leda Maria Martins)
On the Portrayal of Indians in the Colonial Epic: Muhuraida or The Triumph of the Faith (Marta Rosa Amoroso)
Richard Burton: Travels and Melancholy (Alfredo Cordiviola)
Cats in the Oven: Cultural Identity and Immigration (Leopoldo Comitti)
Translation: A Meeting Place of Cultures (Pavla Lidmilová)
The Technological Conquest of America: 500 Years On (Guillermo Giucci)
Diogo Mainardi and the Postmodern Brazilian Narrative (Ângela Prysthon)
Narrative and Enslavement: Utopia as a Handful of Dust (Solange Ribeiro de Oliveira)
Space, Self, Other: Latin America and the "Third Term" (Bernard McGuirk)
Postscript - Oswald de Andrade: From Concealment to Explosion (Haroldo de Campos)

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