Body, Heart, and Text in the Pearl-Poet

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This book argues that discourse on the body in Western European literature must begin by considering how the body served as the most basic medieval matrix for understanding reality; the modern `rediscovery' of the body and the modern focus on interdisciplinary perspectives constitute a return to medieval ways of knowing.


". . . a stimulating work, clearly and smoothly written. . . . Working in a truly interdisciplinary fashion, Dr. Marti uses not only his knowledge of medieval texts, but also the Christian theological background and parallels in Gothic cathedral architecture to show the importance of this [microcosm/macrocosm] concept, which he presents as a unifying but at the same time flexible framework for the interpretation of medieval literature. . . .Thus, Dr. Marti is able to offer fresh answers and solutions to long debated questions and problems." - Dr. Hans Sauer in Scholarly Research and Review

"Marti claims "the medieval man's body constituted his songle most important and aesthetic framework." . . . .The unity and rich diversity of each work is revealed through spatial organization based on the body. . . . graduate and upper-division undergraduate." - Choice

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