Black Women Prison Employees: The Intersectionality of Gender and Race

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Dr. Morgan's book applies new and varied views of being black female prison employees, by combining intersectionality theory and organizational psychodynamics to explore the psychosocial experience of this group. Their perspective as gendered and racialised subjects provides an insightful account of what it 'feels' like to be black, women, and employees in the British Prison Service.


"This [book] encapsulates the true inner emotions, reflecting both positive and negative experiences and the thoughts of each participant reflected in the interview process. This allowed the researcher to use the methodology of content analysis to underpin the emotions and situations of each individual with research evidence."
Dr. Zaib Ahmad

"This is an under-researched and under theorized area and the author brings fresh and valuable theorization to a topic that cuts across many disciplines and researched foci including sociology, psychology, prison research, organization theory, gender theory, intersectionality, critical race studies. The context of prison work for black women employees in innovatively approached in its aim to present sensitive and informed psychological analysis of research findings, whilst demonstrating the psychological analysis is beneficial in understanding the complexity of issues faced by Black women employees in prison work."
Dr. Rebecca Watson,
Leeds Beckett University

Table of Contents



Setting the Scene

Where are the Black Women

Research Approach

Black Feminism

A Psychodynamic Approach to Examining Prisons

Personal Reflections of a Black Woman Practitioner-Researcher

The Emergence of Strong Black Women (SBW)

The Culture of Prisons: Mistrust, Suspicion and Violence

Who am I? and Who are We? A Psychodynamic Analysis of the Transition from Individual to Prison Officer

Lisa's Story: Oedipal Dynamics in the Carceral Space

The Impact of Gendered Racialisation on Organizational Pyschodynamics

Concluding Remarks

Glossary of Terms



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