Bishop Beck and English Education, 1949-1959

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During a past century when educators in England and Wales spoke of the problem in education, it was understood to be that of Church vs. State for control. This book is the fascinating story of the final decade of that struggle, 1949-1959.


"A highly specialized study of the efforts of Bishop George Andrew Beck and the English Catholic church to amend the comprehensive Education Act of 1944. Provisions of this act placed a heavier financial burden than previously on religious groups that maintained their own schools. Beck led the successful political struggle to change these provisions that resulted in the Education Bill of 1959. The author provides a judicious treatment of Bishop Beck. Those especially interested in questions of church-state relations will find this work valuable, but only specialized libraries will want it in their holdings." - CHOICE

"Phillips has presented the details which provide a full view of the process by which an individual led a nation, its people and its leaders, into a new understanding of educational opportunity and responsibility." - Journal of Church and State

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