Biographical Encyclopedia of American Politicians Who Switched Parties

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This work is a historical analysis and examination of the reasons that cause politicians switch parties and how parties handle or punish apostasy.


“…Martin Gruberg tells the stories of a couple hundred bolters. He recounts the history of numerous politicians who have defected from their initial partisan allegiance – sometimes many times. … Their stories are the nuts and bolts of American politics.” – Prof. Jo Freeman University of Chicago

“… is a remarkably fresh and original concept in political history.” – Prof. Thomas J. Rowland, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh

Table of Contents

Foreword by Jo Freeman



Party Disloyalty: An Overview

Chapter 1 Early Renegades

Chapter 2 The Jacksonian Opposition

Chapter 3 Ante Bellum Bolters

Chapter 4 War and the Democratic Party

Chapter 5 Secession from the Republicans

Chapter 6 Revolts Over Economic Theories

Chapter 7 The Progressives

Chapter 8 The “Sons of the Wild Jackass”

Chapter 9 Trials and Foes of the New Deal

Chapter 10 Bolts From 1945 to 1970

Chapter 11 The Parties in a Period of Polarization

Chapter 12 Comparative Behavior

Chapter 13 Analysis

Chapter Bibliography

Topical Bibliography


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