Bioethical and Ethical Issues Surrounding the Trials and Code of Nuremberg

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Interdisciplinary essays on the ethical issues which encompassed the trials and Code of Nuremberg have been collated from researchers from various countries in fields as diverse as medicine, bioethics, psychoanalysis, history, philosophy, Jewish thought, law, and ethics. The book focuses on five main areas: the juridical originality of the Nuremberg trials; the scientific, epistemological, and psychoanalytic backgrounds of racism and anti-Semitism; the biomedical and bioethical issues of the Nuremberg Code; a post-Nuremberg historical, ethical, and philosophical study of the notion of a ‘crime against humanity’; and the Jewish perspective on purity, impurity, race, and the universal ethical expectations of mankind. The goal of the interdisciplinary study is to outline the necessary components of a bridge between science ethics, and ethics and law.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Foreword (Jacques J. Rozenberg)
Preface: Breaking the Dark Mirror (Richard A. Cohen)
Introduction: From Anti-Semitism and Racism to Ethics: An Epistemological Reflection on the Nuremberg Trials and Code (Jacques J. Rozenberg)
Part One: Biological, Bioethical, and Psychoanalytic Perspectives
· Do the Biologists Need the Expression “Human Race”? UNESCO 1950-51 (Jean Gayon)
· The Emergence of German Geneticists from the Swastika (Raphael Falk)
· Medical Ethics in Question: An Historical Perspective on Eugenism and Normality (Samuel S. Kottek)
· Biologism in the Service of Apocalyptic Thinking: A Psychoanalytic Perspective on Purity, Impurity, and Race (Ludwig Haesler)
· Medicine, the Holocaust, and the Doctors’ Trial (Joel Levi)
· The Ethics of Using Medical Data from Nazi Experiments (Baruch C. Cohen)
Part Two: Historical, Juridical, and Ethical Perspectives
· The Shoah as a Crime against Humanity: Reflections on Civilization and its Annihilation (Ephraim Meir)
· Guilt, Responsibility, and Humanity (Aharon Shear-Yashuv)
· Amalek in the Holocaust-Era Orthodox Jewish Thought (Gershon Greenberg)
· Created in the Image of God: Jews and the Nations (Michael Z. Nehorai)
· The Noahide Universal Law (Nahum Rakover)
· Rights and Duties (Haim H. Cohn)
· The One and the Other: Reflections on the Ontological Roots of Politics (Shalom Rosenberg)

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