Bibliography of Syrian Archaeological Sites to 1980

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This volume brings under one cover over 1,800 citations about archaeological excavation in Syria from about 1900 to 1980. This bibliography provides students and scholars with an important source for background study into the rise of civilization and its modern antecedents. Entries from popular literature are not included nor is the vast epigraphical literature unless accounts of the discovery of epigraphical inscriptions contained archaeological descriptions.


". . . this source is unique for researchers in Near East archaeology, religious studies, and history focusing on Syria, particularly since the earlier works it cites would otherwise be quite difficult to locate. . . . Supplementing the clear-cut organization are author and heading indexes. This very useful and comprehensive listing of research and reports written in Western languages includes a few citations to articles written in Arabic. General; academic [libraries]." - Choice

"Howard Bybee and Conrad L'Heureux have provided a valuable bibliographic resource for scholars involved in any way with the archaeology of the ancient Near East. Their compilation of over 1800 entries, drawn from more than 250 publications, will be of value to archaeologists, historians, and others interested in the results of excavations and surveys in what, despite its richness, is still a relatively underexplored part of the Levant. The major part of the bibliography consists of entries by site; there is a section containing entries of a more general nature ("chronique, prehistory, and survey"), a list of sources used, and indexes of authors and headings. . . . the bibliography will serve as a useful starting point, and should be acquired by research libraries and scholars in the field." -- Michael D. Coogan

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