Biblical and Theological Insights From Ancient and Modern Civil Law

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Examines legal concepts in the scripture and the technical implications involved. Compares in both scripture and courtroom such concepts as covenant, apostle, witnessing, prayers, calls to worship compared with court room commands, the architecture of ancient temples and that of court rooms, exegesis, rhetorical arguments in the Bible and court, incarnation, and more. This book will stir the imaginations of scholars to find still further insights, questions and answers. The wisdom of the courtroom is an important ingredient for understanding biblical interpretation and Jewish and Christian theology.


"Clearly written, characteristically inventive, makes the reader think about both biblical material and modern legal systems in new and surprising ways." - Calum M. Carmichael

"Lawyers may become amazed about the rich views of the life of the law. Theologians, Bible scholars, and religious studies people may discover that religiosity is not just within the parameters of established religions but is at the wellspring of the organizing of order as captured by the volume of civil law traditions. . . . Buchanan offers definite new insights in the nature and character of the canonical texts. . . . Buchanan contributes to the AHA energy which is produced by true scholars interested in the uniqueness of their findings by which traditional views are challenged and open to new interpretations." - William P. Frost

"Writing in a style suited to both professional scholar and layman, Buchanan helps to lift the fog from a number of key biblical concepts. . . . Every chapter sparkles with insights. Fascinating parallels are drawn between the courtroom and the biblical language of prayer and worship. . . . Buchanan's work should be required reading for all seminary students as well as every informed layman. . . . Buchanan's style is lucid and his writing is never dull. The reader will not agree with all Buchanan's conclusions, but he will find himself reading the Bible in a brilliant new light." - Sir Anthony F. Buzzard

". . . marvelous. . . It is the kind of book I most like: a central and original theme widely developed with incidental detailed researches throwing light on innumerable passages." -- Dr. J. D. M. Derrett

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