Best Blood in the Country a Verse Drama

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"... fascinating ... It moves dramatically, contains some of Keithley's most poetic perceptions, and a sense of music. I like, too, the structure and range of the play."-- James Schevill, author of Fantasy Trilogy

"The play is incredibly gripping, and I was amazed at how sympathetic a character Aaron Burr becomes in Keithley's masterful hands. His relationship with this daughter, Theo, is most remarkable, that mysterious father-daughter union, handled with grace and subtlety ... The initial pacing shifts to faster and faster tempo, and the last sections have an appropriate breathtakingness. Also, I loved much of the word-play, which struck me as both modern and Shakespearean, a fine blend ... Keithley's mastery of tone and absolute credibility of voice and character is never in doubt." -- Laurence Lieberman

"Very well written, excellent dialogue, fine dramatic structure and notable climaxes, a very unique use of a chorus, and an interesting subject." -- Dayton Playhouse "The Best Blood of the Country is a fine piece of work." -- Dallas Theater Center "Talent, and a quality play."-- Permian Basin Theatre

"If we gaze studiously into this example of the poet's craft, we can see that this man witnesses the real world of the artist and that he understands the real goal of artistry. His gaze is clear and open and unfettered. . . . This is an exceptionally literate and enjoyable portrait of this famously infamous political divorce." - Dusty Dog Reviews "Keithley's talent is remarkable; he seems to possess Whitman's visionary imagination... Poetry that is both musically haunting and intellectually rigorous is rare, indeed, and Keithley's achievement, so far, is nothing like any poetry that is being written today."-- Joyce Carol Oates in The American Poetry Review

"Keithley is a poet of strong, precise lyrical and dramatic gifts. He has envisioned communities of speakers and has wed history to poetry ... producing poems of deep accessible feeling without compromising the complexities of adulthood ... "

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