Bastardy as a Gifted Status in Chaucer and Malory

This is the first study on bastardy in Chaucer or Malory, and is highly original in its Feminist and New Historical approach to the subject, applying an illuminating critical methodology to The Canterbury Tales and the Morte D'Arthur. This work is the first to show that Chaucer is empowering illegitimacy by demonstrating that a woman born illegitimately, like the Miller's Wife, can nonetheless lead a normal life emotionally and financially. Malory goes even further, portraying important knights like Arthur, Torre, Borre, Elayne le Blank, Gylberte the Bastarde, Mordred, and Galahad as powerful bastards. The author draws attention to Malory's positive portrayal of the bloodlines, heredity, heraldry, and history, of the fine bastards in his Morte. This is a groundbreaking work which will be of use to medievalists around the world.

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