Athanasius' Concept of Eternal Sonship as Revealed in Contra Arianos

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This primary intent of this book is to examine the Contra Arianos and determine that Athanasius does address the functional subordination of the Son to the Father as being an eternal relationship. The secondary intent is to re-examine and evaluate the Athanasian approach to the Arian controversy and review his hermeneutic of the biblical texts he presents as the orthodox teaching of the Scriptures as found in the Athanasian work, Contra Arianos.


“ ... In this work, Dr. Jones enters the fray of the Trinitarian debate by providing insight into the way functional subordinationism is functional to the views presented by Athanasius in Contra Arianos. This work ... provides support for the Athanasius and champions fourth-century orthodoxy ... Dr. Jones gives greater attention to Contra Arianos than some other recently published studies, and offers a careful examination of how Athanasius’s hermeneutic builds a sound biblical case for his functional subordinationism. Theological scholars will profit from a careful examination of this important work.” – (From the Foreword) Professor Steve W. Lemke, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

“ ... Central to the discussion of the divinity and humanity of Christ is the question of submission. In what sense does Jesus Christ submit to the will of God the Father? Is this submission functional or ontological? Is Jesus Christ any less divine if He is in submission to the Father? These are important and crucial questions. Athanasius addressed these thorny and technical issues, and Dr. Marvin Jones reflects on them in this current work ... This is a worthy work which grapples with issues of ultimate significance, and one that deserves our attention.” – Dr. Steve Lemke, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

“In this book, Dr. Marvin Jones has done the Christian community a great service – he has confronted the issue of gender roles in the church from a theological, rather than emotional, perspective. Delving deeply into Church History, Dr. Jones has meticulously researched the life and writings of Athanasius, and his view of the relationship within the Trinity. It is from that perspective that Dr. Jones then comes to clear, frank and unflinching conclusions.” – Dr. Ergun M. Caner, Liberty Theological Seminary

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Introduction to the Critique and Explanation of the Arian Passages in Book 1
3. Introduction to the Critique and Explanation of the Arian Passages in Book 2
4. Introduction to the Critique and Explanation of the Arian Passages in Book 3
5. Summary of the Thesis

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