Ashraf Marwan, Israel’s Most Valuable Spy: How the Mossad Recruited Nasser’s Own Son-In-Law

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This biography of Ashraf Marwan provides valuable information about the Israeli intelligence community. In particular, it examines how Mossad recruits and manages agents.

Ashraf Marwan was born in 1944 and earned his doctoral degree in the United Kingdom. In the mid-1970s, Ashraf Marwan became a businessman in London. Later Marwan was made chief of staff to Egyptian President Anwar Sadat. While serving in this position, he volunteered to spy for Israel. In 2002, Marwan's relationship with Israeli intelligence was revealed in 2002. It remains unclear whether Marwan was an Israeli spy or an Egyptian double agent.


“. . . a fascinating story that has great academic value. Kahana is a talented writer and his is an irresistibly exciting subject.”
-Prof. Muhammad Suwaed, Kinneret College

From the Foreword:
“. . . illuminat[es] Ashraf Marwan’s mystery activity as an agent for Mossad, and his mysterious death.”
­-Dr. Yigal Yarkoni, Intelligence2000

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