Arizona Historical Dictionary. A Reference Compendium

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Schlup and Paschen have compiled the most thorough reference guide on Arizona’s local history. Marking the centennial anniversary of the state’s entrance into the union, this book provides more than a century worth of information for researchers seeking knowledge about its rich history. The book traces the history of Arizona from the Wild West until the present day.

This book is a one-volume reference work timed to coincide with the centennial observation of Arizona’s statehood in 2012. Besides the introduction, photographs, and index, the book consists of five parts: biographies, a chronology/timeline from 1846 to 2011, tables and charts, and primary documents.

They also provide recommended readings. This compilation is useful for a wide variety of groups from researchers, to government workers, students, historians, chambers of commerce, librarians, and even reporters. It will be informative for anyone interested in learning about Arizona.


“The authors have written a masterful work.”
-Prof. Andrei Cherny,
Center for American Progress

“The authors begin where all good history stories begin – with people.”
-Prof. Rhonda L. Rinehart,
University of Akron

“A panoptic look at the colorful characters that made our state what it is today.”
-Prof. Pam Gassler,
Mesa Community College

Table of Contents

Foreword by Andrei Cherny iii
Acknowledgments v
Introduction 1
Part One: Biographies 7
Part Two: Chronology 131
Part Three: Tables, Lists, Charts, and Reference Material 539
Part Four: Appendices 597
Part Five: Recommended Readings 665
Index 691

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