Archetypal Readings of Medieval Literature

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Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Introduction (Charlotte Spivack)
1. Breaking the Sword: The Amazon Eradicates the Whore (Meredith Clermont-Ferrand)
2. The Symbol: Description and Identity in the Classical Epic and 12th Century French and German Romance (Rosemarie Deist)
3. Archetypal Chaucer: The Case of the Disappearing Hag in The Wife of Baths Tale (Christine Herold)
4. The Changing Feminine Archetype in Julian of Norwichs Long Text: A Psychology of Enclosure (Diane Krantz)
5. Two Interpolated Love Stories from the Spanish El Baladro del sabio Merlini (The Shriek of the Sage Merlin): An Alchemical Reading (Barbara Miller)
6. Rebirth and the Medieval Woman Writer: Christine de Pizan (Julia A. Nephew)
7. Sir Gawain, the Pentangle, and the Pentangle of Individuation (Charlotte Spivack)
8. The Healing of the Split Animus in Marie de France's Yonec (Nina Tucci)
9. Jung and Chaucer: Synchronicity in The Canterbury Tales (Matthew C. Wolfe)

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