Antonio Machado’s Cartas De Amor a Pilar De Valderrama / Love Letters to Pilar De Valderrama: A Facing Page Translation From Spanish to English

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An annotated bilingual edition of Antonio Machado’s letters to Pilar de Valderrama. Their correspondence covers a range of topics and reveals Machado’s profound love for his secret muse.


“Is it right and proper that this private and intimate correspondence should have such a public and transcultural airing? Yes, but only because time has soothed away most of the potential hurt involved and because the need to learn and understand better now outweighs other considerations.” – Prof. Philip G. Johnston, University College Dublin

“First published long after Antonio Machado’s death in 1939, these letters reveal his profound love for Pilar de Valderrama, a married woman and mother of three children. Machado, who was in his early fifties when he met the much younger Valderrama, may have regarded her as his Beatrice—beloved but unattainable—and he sent her the first of several poems dedicated to her amidst the pages of a book by Dante.
Anna Marie-Aldaz’s precise translation is a pleasure to read and the helpful cultural background she provides in her introduction and notes make this book a most valuable addition to the Machado scholarship available in English.” - Prof. Barbara N. Gantt, Northern Arizona University

“. . . offers readers a glimpse into the soul of one of the great literary figures of the twentieth century. . . . Machado’s letters illuminate his usually more reticent poems by echoing and amplifying many of their prevalent themes, among them the importance of dreams, imagination, remembrance, and especially the inevitability of solitude and the impossibility of love.” - Prof. Elena Gascón-Vera, Wellesley College

Table of Contents

Foreword by Philip G. Johnston, University College Dublin
Carta 1/Letter 1
Carta 2/Letter 2
Carta 3/Letter 3
Carta 4/Letter 4
Carta 5/Letter 5
Carta 6/Letter 6
Carta 7/Letter 7
Carta 8/Letter 8
Carta 9/Letter 9
Carta 10/Letter 10
Carta 11/Letter 11
Carta 12/Letter 12
Carta 13/Letter 13
Carta 14/Letter 14
Carta 15/Letter 15
Carta 16/Letter 16
Carta 17/Letter 17
Carta 18/Letter 18
Carta 19/Letter 19
Carta 20/Letter 20
Carta 21/Letter 21
Carta 22/Letter 22
Carta 23/Letter 23
Carta 24/Letter 24
Carta 25/Letter 25
Carta 26/Letter 26
Carta 27/Letter 27
Carta 28/Letter 28
Carta 29/Letter 29
Carta 30/Letter 30
Carta 31/Letter 31
Carta 32/Letter 32
Carta 33/Letter 33
Carta 34/Letter 34
Carta 35/Letter 35
Carta 36/Letter 36

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