Anthropological Perspective on Prostitution the World’s Oldest Profession

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This work is essentially an ethnography, written and researched by an anthropologist. As such, the use of participant observation, in-depth interviews and a holistic, relativistic, culture-based approach provide a perspective not usually found in the literature on prostitution. The daily, nonwork lives of prostitutes are explored, showing their commonness, humanity and connections with the ‘straight’ world as ordinary people. By getting deep, rich data through the use of participant observation and ethnographic approach, it serves to address myths, and challenge stereotypes about sexuality, women, and prostitution.


“The author successfully brings to life the subjects about which she writes. The profiles are engaged, detailed and informative. Her attempts to analyze them along certain themes seems to work and helps to make analytical sense of the descriptions presented. . . . interesting and it makes valuable contributions to the field.” – Barbara Feldman

Table of Contents

Table of contents: Foreword; Preface; Introduction; The World’s Oldest Profession; Prostitute as Other; Profiles and Interviews; Identities; Themes; Summary and Conclusions; Glossary; Appendices, Bibliography; Index

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