Annotated and Illustrated Version of Giorgio Vasari’s History of Italian and Northern Prints From His Lives of the Artists (1550 and 1568) Volume One

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Giorgio Vasari, friend of Michelangelo and the first art historian, in the second edition of his Lives of the Artists, mentioned almost 500 different prints from the 15th and 16th centuries, from both Italy and the North. Even with a number of editions of Vasari’s Lives now in print, this section of his text on prints is not readily available, and it has never been annotated. This volume identifies his numerous references and discusses the implications of his choices. The illustrations show works not found in the standard illustrated compendiums, such as Bartsch and Hollstein. Others depict works that Vasari recommended but that have slipped from our modern conventions of what ideas a print should convey, and how it should convey them. There are 194 illustrations.
Two Volume set:
Volume 1: Text 0-7734-7187-1 342pp. 2002
Volume 2: Reproductions 0-7734-7005-0 400pp. 2002
This is an oversize (8 1/2x 11) set. Due to the size and the large number of illustrations, each volume is priced at $299.95

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