Annotated Edition of Joshua Barnes’ The Academie, Or, the Cambridge Dunns

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An annotated edition of Joshua Barnes The Academie, or The Cambridge Dunns, with a new essay on the place of Barnes in 17th English Theatre. Swanson examines the bawdy and dark satire of the Cambridge playwright Joshua Barnes whose play savages the university and town. Barnes’ annotated version of this play sheds new light on English satire and Barnes as a “university wit,” while situating the play’s importance by differentiating it from its contemporary rivals in London.


“… shows Barnes to occupy a significant position in the history of English drama. … he is reveled as a truly individual voice in the age of Restoration.” – Prof. A.A. McDonald, University of Groningen

The Academie is worthy of a repeat performance, and this edition lives up to its intention.” – Prof. Helen Wilcox, Bangor University

Table of Contents

Foreword, by Tiffany Stern

Converting Scholars to Gentlemen

Joshua Barnes and Theatre in Restoration Cambridge

Joshua Barnes. Poet, Playwright, Professor

Cambridge and its Theatres

The Academie

Englebert and Landgartha

‘The Triumph of the Hogshead’

The Academie or, The Cambridge Dunns

Act One

Act Two

Act Three

Act Four

Act Five

Appendix. Some Notes on Landgartha



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