An Intertextual Study of Livre Du Cuer D’amours Espris by Fifteenth-Century French Author RenÉ D’anjou

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This study examines the Livre du Cuer d’Amours espris, a fifteenth-century allegory of a knight on a quest to rescue his beloved Doulce Mercy, and inter-textual borrowings from the Queste del saint graal, the Roman de la Rose, and other medieval works. By use of reader-response theory, the author considers the modifications and subversions of the story which prepare for the conclusion of Cuer’s endeavors: the abandonment of his quest after a single rejection from his lady.


“This study, an outstanding example of Middle French scholarship, serves as an invitation to scholars either to renew or make acquaintance with a work of the later Middle Ages, of both literary and cultural significance.” - Dr. Judith Rice Rothschild, Professor Emerita, Appalachian State University

“This study illuminates René d’Anjou’s playful synthesis of diverse and often conflicting narrative and allegorical traditions. ... This is both an impressive piece of scholarship and a highly absorbing interpretation of the wry, wistful and (literally) heart-rending tale of a failed quest.” - Dr. Catherine M. Jones, Associate Professor of French and Provençal, University of Georgia

Table of Contents

Foreword by Judith Rice Rothschild
1 Introduction
2 Personifications
3 Fol / Faulx / Loyaulx
4 Love, Fortune, Destiny
5 Dreams, of the Metaphysics of Futility
6 Parc Fac
7 Conclusion

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