An Integrated Defence Strategy for Canada and the United States in Norad

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This book offers the ‘preventive process’ as the more practical avenue toward the prevention of aggression from which the prevention of war can follow. This process includes the redesigning of defence policy objectives and the building of an Integrated Defence System from which an Integrated Defence Strategy can be developed. It recommends that Canada and the United States in NORAD should develop a strategy in which three basic defence policy choice-options, ‘Defend, Deter or Fight,’ can be fully integrated.


“This new and important book reveals the value of integrated defence for Canada and the United States, for it shows the great advantage of early arrangements carried to full fruition and bound in history and administrative arrangements…. In masterly subsequent chapters Nyíri fleshes out the arguments and provides validity and substance to the basic argument and to the value of Integrated Strategic Thinking in relation to the Canada-US joint defence efforts in the NORAD command…. Nyíri has brought forth a fresh and insightful understanding of the tortuous nuances of defence strategy of Canada and the United States…. By illustrating his arguments with tables, diagrams and symbolic notations, we have visual elaborations and examples of the principles and practices that he has put down in text…. This book, therefore, merits the close attention of statesmen and strategic planners who hold our future in their hands.” – Barry M. Gough, Wilfrid Laurier University

Table of Contents

Table of contents (main headings):
Preface; Introduction
1. The Structure of Defence Policy: Aims and Objectives
2. Defence Policy Choice-Options in NORAD: Defend, Deter or Fight?
3. The Political Objectives of Canada’s Defence Policy in NORAD: Intentions and Capabilities. Defend or Deter?
4. The Strategic Objectives of Canada’s Defence Policy in NORAD: Defend and Deter
5. The Military Objectives of Canada’s Defence Policy in NORAD: Deter or Fight?
6. The Integration of Defence Policy Options: Defend, Deter and Fight
7. The Role of Defence Policy in the Process of Preventing Aggression and War
Conclusion; Index

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