An Identification, Analysis and Critique of Thorstein B. Veblen's Philosophy of Higher Education

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This work identifies Veblen's philosophy of higher education as a special application of his social philosophy. It identifies, analyzes and critiques the philosophy's conceptual structure and theoretical groundwork

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
I. The Analysis of Veblen's Philosophy of Education:
1. Conceptual Structure: Terms and Criteria; Interrelationships between Instinct, Habit and Culture; Role of the Instinct of Idle Curiosity; Role of the Instinct of Workmanship; Theory of Human Nature
2. Application of the Conceptual Structure to the Educational Scene: Higher Learning as Science and Scholarship; Epistemology in Relation to Science; Ideal Aims of Higher Education; Pursuit of Knowledge and Professional Training; Students, Teachers and Research; University Research and Outside 'Big Research'; Influence of Business-Minded Educational Administrators on School Aims and Practices
II. The Analysis of Veblen's Social Philosophy:
1. Veblen's Implicit Model for Social Analysis: Instinct Versus Culture; Metaphysical Criticism of the Preconceptions of Social Science; Specific Criticism of the Social Sciences, Especially Economics; Role of Business as a Cultural Phenomenon in Veblen's Social Philosophy; Veblen's Examination of Natural-Law Concepts Underlying Property Rights; Some Ideas on a Philosophy of Social Inquiry; Analysis of Certain Mechanisms for Social Change - The Incidence of the Machine Process on Habits of Thought; Veblen's Metaphysical Analyses of Mechanistic Causation and of Bergson's Notion of "Elan de la Vie"; Relation between Business and Politics; Political Philosophy; Veblen on the Relation between Cultural Habits of Thought and the Incidence of the Machine Processes; Cultural Lag; Veblen's Credo; The Ideal Democratic Society; "Objectivity" of Veblen's Inquiries into Social Problems; Technical Criticism of Veblen's Standard of Value; Veblen on the Possibility of Economic Developments Following Political Controls under Constitutional Methods; Further Light on Veblen's Social Philosophy through an Examination of His Views on the Economics of Karl Marx
III. Conclusion: A Critical Evaluation of Veblenian Educational Philosophy; Veblen on Those "Purely" Educational Factors Not Derived from nor Connected with the Concept of Idle Curiosity; An Evaluation of Veblen's Thought on Other Grounds than Those of Consistency
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