Aids, Dentristy, and the Illusion of Infection Control Questioning the Hiv Hypothesis

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This controversial volume involves a study of the etiology, pathology, and epidemiology of AIDS, an understanding of the prevention of disease transmission from dental practice, and an examination of the efficacy of universal precautions in preventing the transmission of AIDS in dental practice. Among its controversial conclusions are: Dental treatment is not a route for the transmission of AIDS, and changes adopted by the dental profession in response to public or political pressure but which compromise the profession's scientific principles are unethical and unjustified.


"A fantastic text which convincingly questions the myriad of useless infection control techniques (ICT) now mandated in the US. Dr. Hardie systematically reviews popular ICT using classical medical science standards showing the general lack of validity for most of their application in dentistry. The author also questions the HIV hypothesis. This text is a must for any dentist using 'infection control'. It is long overdue for the profession. Get a copy now! 4 stars out of 5." - Journal of the American Association of Forensic Dentists

"This interesting book challenges the many changes that have taken place in performing dentistry because of AIDS. . . . This is a book well worth reading. . . . Recommended for all medical and academic libraries." - AIDS Book Review Journal

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