Afro-Argentine in Argentine Culture. El Negro Del Acordeón

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This study focuses on a discussion of the evolution of Argentine demographic policy as expressed in the dictum ‘to govern is to populate’ and its impact on the role of the Afro-Argentine in an historical context. The Afro-Argentine role in Argentine culture is presented as part of the elite-defined culture, the liberal elites’ views of the Afro-Argentine and the aftermath of Juan Manuel de Rosas with its changes to the cultural images of the Afro-Argentine. In contrast, the Afro-Argentine is also presented as part of the Argentine popular creole culture within a construct that discusses the issue of how site-specific Argentine culture is, and the impact of site definitions on the cultural contributions of the Afro-Argentine. Creole popular cultural expressions of the Puppet Theater, the theater, and the circus highlight the conflicts between immigrant and creole where the Afro-Argentine is clearly defined as a creole and not as a separate cultural entity.

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Preface; Introduction
1. Argentine Demographic Policy
2. The Afro-Argentine in Historical Context
3. The Afro-Argentine in Argentine Culture: The Elite Image
4. The Afro-Argentine in the Popular Culture of Argentina
Conclusions; Chronology; Bibliography: Index

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